Best-Selected 10 Optional Tours for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022! (October 11,2021)

2022 would be the year for the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon.In the past 20 years,we have been listening to the feedback of the runners from all over the world,then this October 2021,we release the best-selected 10 optional tours for all the world runners.

This could best satisfy you and give you the most relaxation after this past 2020 and 2021 during the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022.

First,we would draw your attention to see the Option 3,which is the most basic one that you could stay in Beijing for 3 nights  from April 29 till May 1st,and then you would check out before 2pm on May 2nd,2022.

And the registration fee 250USD is included in Option 3,so the total fee is 498USD.

Some of the runners might stay longer time in China for travelling after the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,so we have prepared the other best-selected 9 options across the whole China.

Then the Option 3 can seamlessly connect with Option 1,Option 2,Option 4,Option 5,Option 6,Option 7,Option 8,Option 9 and Option 10.

For example,you arrive in Beijing on April 29,2022 with Option 3,and our guide would go to Beijing International Airport to pick you up and send you to the 4-star official hotel,then you would have one-day free activity in Beijing on April 30,then on May 1st,it is the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,and then on May 2,you should check out the hotel,because you have chosen one of the other 9 options,and your tours in China would end on May 6,2022,and you would fly back to your country in the morning or in the afternoon or in the evening.

So your total stay in China would be 7 nights and 8 days. So please read the other best-selected 9 options,and we firmly believe you would find your best! And we would do our best for you for all time you stay in China!

Option 1:

5 days 4 nights

Option 2:

Beijing/Northeast China
5 days 4 nights

Option 3:

4 days 3 nights

Option 4

5 days 4 nights

Option 5

5 days 4 nights

Option 6

5 days 4 nights

Option 7

5 days 4 nights

Option 8

5 days 4 nights

Option 9

5 days 4 nights

Option 10

5 days 4 nights


And you can register the race first from ACTIVE.COM,one of our best and long-term and reliable cooperators in the USA!

Only Option 3 can be found at Additional Purchases in the registration at ACTIVE.COM at this moment.

For registering the race only or register the race together with any of the above 10 options,please use the official online application:

Once you have anything unclear during your registration,please write to us:


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Thank you very much for your greatest attention and your greatest efforts! You would have the most wonderful time at the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 in Beijing and in China!

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