Very Useful: The Nearest PCR Testing Point from the Official Hotel in Beijing (June 7,2022)

If you do not work and live in China,you might not know PCR testing certificate is required very frequently when you take plane,train,or overnight at hotel.In order to open to the outside world,every cities in China are now preparing the booths or little houses for PCR testing,which can be easily accessed by anyone within 15-minute walking.It is reported that Beijing would set up around 9,000 such long-term booths/little houses.

This is a way that China uses for quickly and timely find out the covid cases and get them wiped out soon.And it is free for people to use in June,and after July,when you use the service,it is 16CNY,less than 3USD.

From yesterday June 6,2022,we have found that the nearest one near the official hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon. A is the hotel. B is the testing point.B is at the parking lot of north gate of Purple Bamboo Park.From A to B,it is just 380 metres.

The hotel address is:


No.31 Zhongguancun Nandajie,Haidian District,Beijing,100081,China

Here is the introduction about the hotel we released in 2020:

35 Photos:A Close Look at the Official Hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(July 24,2020)

We welcome you to Beijing to run the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon on Sunday July 17,2022 and on Sunday 7,2022.
If you would like to run before July 17,2022 with your friend(s),you can decide and choose your date,let us know one week before.

Here is the details:
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The 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 in May shifted to Sunday July 17 and Sunday August 7,2022 and more ! (May 17,2022)

Together with the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn on Sunday October 30,2022,you would be able to participate any of the three Great Wall of China Marathon races in 2022 at least,not including the race dates the runners can decide by themselves before July 17,2022!

All these can immediately come true because we have invested all the fee for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 in April,and everything is ready up there for you,no matter you are registered runners or new ones of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022!

If you are new,please use the online application of 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 again and write your race date in the Comment!


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If you are already a registered runner of the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 in May,and please use the form to shift your race to any of the race dates mentioned.

For GWCM2022 Runners:Choose Your New Race Date for the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 (May 3,2022)

Thank you very much,and tomorrow,we would continue to offer more info for you about how to prepare for coming to Beijing in 2022,and the our assistance in Beijing for your dream coming true soon in 2022! Also more good news for you !

By the way,here is the total registration list:

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