35 Photos: A Close Look at the Official Hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(July 24,2020)

The 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(GWCM2020) should be held on May 1,2020,but because of the pandemic, we postponed it and let it to be together with the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020-Autumn(GWCM2020-Autumn).

The race date is on Sunday October 25,2020,it is just three months away from tomorrow.Yesterday,we had the talk with the hotel manager Mr.Bai, today we show the 35 photos of the official hotel-MERCURE BEIJING ZHONGGUANCUN of GWCM2020/GWCM2020-Autumn.

First here is the location of MERCURE.

Its north side is Minzu University of China.

Its west side is Beijing Dance Academy.

Its south side is National Library of China. From the metro station here(northwest exit) to the hotel,it just takes 7 minutes.

Its south west side is the Chinese typical style Zizhuyuan Park,just 10 minutes away from its north entrance,it is the Chinese typical style park with lake,also a very ideal place for your warming up/exercise before the race.

On the east side of the hotel building is the Zhongguancun South Street, it is also called Zhongguancun Nandajie.


No.31 Zhongguancun Nandajie,Haidian District,Beijing,100081,China  Tel:15110107625

If you search the address in google map even now,it is still the name Shenzhou International Hotel,which we have been using for all our world runners for almost 10 years.And the hotel became the chain hotel of a French company ACCOR from October 2019.It was renovated from October 2018 till October 2019.

Below here is the 35 photos of MERCURE BEIJING ZHONGGUANCUN:


All our runners would come to this hotel on October 24,2020 to get your race packets.

The runners who booked Option 3 of the GWCM2020/GWCM2020-Autumn would check in this hotel on October 23 and check out on October 26,2020.If you need to reserve this hotel,we can also help you.

All right,thank you very much again from all our hearts again.

Please keep your regular training,and keep fit,and we are looking forward to meeting you in Beijing in this beautiful autumn!

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