Good News: The Latest Situation in Beijing and in China(July 14,2020)

On June 13 June 2020,we mentioned that even Beijing would be locked down till October 13,2020,the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020 would be held timely in this Autumn.

Beijing has not been locked down in the past month,but the very effective measures have been taken to stop the outbreak of the Covid-19.Please see the chart below.


Then,what would be happening in China?

We are very happy to tell you that an very big event would take place in Shanghai at the end of July with the participants of over 180,000 people at least.This would be the largest event in China and in the world in 2020.

And another very big sporting event would be also held in China this year with the charted flights for international athletes from all over the world.We would tell you in August how this would be very well done,and this would also become the ever largest-size of international sporting event in China and in the world in 2020,not mentioning the other small size sporting events this year in China.

In the evening of July 14,2020,Chinese government also suddenly announced that the tourism crossing the provinces, open.This means that the tourism is completely open and up from now.

Also on July 14,the rewarding new flights/airroute between Tokyo and Xian open,together with the new adding flights between China and southeast Asia.

These days,we are also very happy to see the expats working and studying in China also start their regular running/training in teams,we would not doubt that some of the teams would be appearing at the 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020 in late October.

So still keep your regular training for the upcoming event,and keep fit,and thank you all very much and have a very nice new week!
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