How will the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 happen in 2022?  (May 18,2022)

1.What has happened from March to May 2022 in China?

In February 2022,Shanghai decided to use a new model for the management of newly pop-up Omiron.The method: just regarding the Omicron as a BIG FLU.And just letting it be,and no controlling it seriously.And Shanghai bought the medicine from USA for curing the covid-19 at the same time.

In March,the omicon was reported in many places in China,and all the sources were from Shanghai. Every places in China begin to take the highest alert and very actively control it.

In April,the number in Shanghai were soaring,and Chinese government decides to totally abandon the Shanghai method,and all the medical teams from different parts of China begin to go to Shanghai for supporting.

In May,the cases in Shanghai have been under control,and on May 15,16 and 17,the medicial teams for supporting Shanghai returned to their home provinces.And from May 17,2022,people in Shanghai for the first time were allowed to go out their homes for breathing the fresh air after 50-day lockdown. And from today and tomorrow, passenger trains from Shanghai are in operation to the cities in the other parts of China.

Shanghai now begins to restore the work and production,and everything would become normal gradually till the June 2022.

This is the chart of covid 19 from March 1st to May 15,2022 in China.And you can click the picture to see its large size.

For Beijing,the first case was found in April 22,2022,the situation is not serious in Beijing,but Beijing has taken the strict measures to control the situation,not Shanghai method.Beijing is the center of China,and we know how Beijing did this in 2020 and in 2021.We are quite confident about Beijing.

2.How will the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 happen in 2022?

The Great Wall of China Marathon took place in 2020 and in 2021.However,the situation in this Spring 2022 posed the biggest challenge for every runners and the organizer.We invested all for safeguard the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022.

The registered runners who should run the Great Wall of China Marathon in May 2022 can choose any of the race dates.
The first two dates are especially set for facing the new situation now in China only in 2022,and we would hold these special-day race even with just one runner.
1)Sunday July 17,2022:
This is the day that all the schools in China would have been on the summer holiday for one week.And you do not have to worry about your health code any more.
2)Sunday August 7,2022:
This is the day before China national sports day,and many sports activities would take place all over China.

The medals,trophies,certificates,T-shirts,race bags,etc are ready for you,and besides,the water-spreading would be newly added at the START/FINISH where the full marathon runners would pass for several times during the race,and shower and massage are open for every runners,etc.
In the coming two months,we would much and very frequently introduce how to prepare and run happily,etc. on the wall. And we would resume the Wechat Post from May 20,2022 to best keep in touch with everyone.

3)Sunday October 30,2022:
This is the day for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn,we hold the Great Wall of China Marathon at the end of October annually since 2016.

You can read more from our news yesterday,and you would have the broader and nicer options easy for you beyond 2023.

At last,the addtional latest news-from May 20,2022,when the people living in USA would come to China,some restriction on health check are not required any more.This is still the best sign that China would continue to open the door to the world after the turbulence in this Spring.

We highly appreciate your understanding and support! We firmly believe your participation and your appearance and your proud running steps in 2022 would have the brilliant images in the non-stop history of the Great Wall of China Marathon.
Thank you all very much!

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