A Significant Change is Happening for China Opening its door much wider to the world! (May 29,2022)

Two days ago,Chinese Ambassador to USA said that more flights between USA and China would be increased soon.This is a very significant statement.

If you look back China from early January 2022, you would see that China made its greatest efforts for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games,and China accumulated the first-hand experience since 2020 to get ready for the open to the world wider after the Games.

From February 2022,Omiron first appeared in Shanghai,and Shanghai almost used the common methods most western countries are using for dealing with the cases.In March, Omicron spread all over China,and in April,it came to the peak,and Chinese government decided to lockdown Shanghai,after over 50 days,Omicron in Shanghai has been under control,and life and work/production are coming back to normal. From June 2022,more flights would be added flying from Shanghai to cities all over China.

For Beijing,the first Omicron was found on April 22,2022,and after 37 days,the omicron chains were totally cut off.Beijing is just partially soft lockdown,and now,Beijing is restoring the life and work to the normal state.The Great Walls,which were closed on May 16,2022,opens again.

China actually have found the ways to immediately find out the covid and get them wiped out shortly.

Under this huge background,we have not stopped a single day to get the GWCM2022 happens,and before the Great Walls were suddenlly announced to be open again the day before yesterday,we even had told some runners how to participate the GWCM2022 individually from mid-June with the brand-new option,we invested all for various situation from May 2022!

And here is the more details:
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So from Monday May 30,2022,we would increase more close contact with all the runners,old or new,for your coming Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022 and the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and the Roof of the World Marathon in 2022 and in 2023! We would also continue to increase the close cooperation with our long-term and reliable cooperating marathon companies from USA,Japan and Europe.

Here is the total registration lists:

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At last,the increasing of the the flights between USA and China would the beginning of China to increase more flights to all over the world! Last Week,Chinese President said that China would open its door much wider to the world in broad aspects


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