From late today,we would begin to contact our runners who do not work and live in Beijing (May 25,2022)

The is a photo of Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station on May 24,2022,
maybe this is scene that most Chinese people and most world people could not imagine just two weeks ago.
From June 1st,2022,all the supermarkets in Shanghai would be open.

Almost every cities,I mean the only 19 cities of the whole China, are getting better and better off as each day goes by.
For example,all the restaurants in Suzhou are open to the public from May 22,and for Guangzhou,there was no new case report for the first time on May 24.

Remember that there are totally 672 cities in China,and there is no covid cases in 653 Chinese cities.

For the GWCM runners in 2022 who do not work and live in Beijing,you might concern about Beijing much,let us tell you now,that you can even have your very wonderful GWCM in 2022 without flying to Beijing or taking train to Beijing.But we are quite confident about Beijing.

From late today,we would begin to contact our runners who do not work and live in Beijing,and offer you with more detail info about your GWCM dream in 2022. Have a very nice day today to you all!


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