Notice No.2 for the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022  (April 20,2022)

Give the Passion a Chance

All the runners of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 have been trainning very hard,Beijing New Policy that any city/disctrict/country once has one locally transmitted positive case,the people in that city/disctrict/country are suggested not to come to Beijing,besides the very well-organized group by Anne and Maria in Beijing,the most GWCM runners are from Guangdong(Shenzhen,Guangzhou),Jiangsu(Suzhou),Zhejiang(Hangzhou),they need just one step further,then they would be able to come to Beijing,for example,in Shenzhen yesterday,there is one local case,so the people in that city/district cannot come to Beijing in the coming 14 days. This situation happens in the above cities,too,So we decide to hold the GWCM2022 on Sunday May 22,instead of May 1st, we just put it behind for three weeks.So every runners in every city in China would enjoy more opportunities in the open sky to Beijing.We have already got everything ready for you all!

For the runners who do not work and live in Beijing,for your very smooth staying in Beijing before May 22,the official hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon would be able to do much more for you.And further more,the hotel fee is 500CNY per room,and 250CNY per person,the hotel manager told us yesterday.

For some runners who got the free hotel,your hotel is still available,and if you would not use this time,we would offer you next time.

And here is the details you can see about the hotel:

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Thank you all very much!

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