Notice No.1 for the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022  (April 8,2022)

On April 8,2022,all top officials of China atteneded the conference about Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Chinese President Xi made the important speech at the conference.

The globe unity and cooperation shine at Beijing 2022,and the Spirit of the Games would continue.

On April 5,Beijing released the new policy that Everyone who expects to come to Beijing,the 48-hour PCR Check Certificate is required,so for the GWCM2022 runners who are not working/living in Beijing,please recently get to know the convenient place in your area for getting the PCR check.

All the registered runners can get your race packets from 9AM till 6PM on April 30,2022 a t the official hotel of Great Wall of China Marathon.

And here is the details you can see about the hotel:

Useful:The Peak Tour Season soon and Your Official Hotel in Beijing for GWCM2022 (March 26,2022) New!

And also from April 8,2022,China starts to use the new timetable for the passenger trains all across China,and the tickets can be bought only 5 days ahead including the 5th day when you take the train.

For the registered runners,we strongly suggest that you should learn to be able to use WECHAT very skillfully,this would highly and effectively help you a lot!

Thank you all very much!

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