The Peak Tour Season soon and Your Official Hotel in Beijing for GWCM2022 (March 26, 2022)

Today is Saturday,Yuyuantan Park becomes the hottest scenic spot in Beijing!Many many people come to the park to enjoy the very beautiful cherry blossom in the Spring!

If you are in Beijing,and if you are free tomorrow Sunday March 27,go to the park,this could become one of your very memorable memory of Beijing in the Spring 2022! 

Of course,not just Sunday tomorrow,and you can go to the Yuyuantan Park any day even till April 6,you would see so many people visiting the park!

The photo taken at Yuyuantan Park in Beijing on March 26,2022.

From April 1st,2022,Beijing enters the peak season for touring,more people from other parts of China would come to visit Beijing!

For the best of the runners of the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,the official hotel manager contacted us yesterday and told us the hotel would do much for all our runners who would overnight at the 4-star official hotel!

Even before yesterday,we told the runners who would like to use the hotel that the hotel fee is 680CNY for a single room or a double room,and now you enjoy more favorite offer,it is 600CNY per room,and if you would like to share double room,a room with two beds,your room fee would be just 300CNY!

You know,we as the organizer have never had such a favorite price to live in the past years! and if you are new,please Wechat us(the QR code is in the picture below) or write email to us,we would send your name to the hotel,if you would like to share the room,please let us know,we would pair you with another runner,and you can pay to the hotel front desk when you arrive in Beijing! The official hotel would make you feel at home when you might have some worry for flying to Beijing or taking train to Beijing.

Here is the photos and location of the official hotel we released in 2020:

35 Photos:A Close Look at the Official Hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(July 24,2020)

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