The International Air Ticket Over 10,000USD,Your Race Entry is still Valid (March 11, 2022)

As China enters the New Year 2022,and to be exactly,from January 4,2022,Beijing for the first time since 2020 begins to accept more and more overseas people,and this
fact has not been paused up till today.

On March 7,2022,at the China National Peoples' Congress,Chinese foreign minister Mr.Wang Yi stressed that China is upgrading its strenthened measures for the much faster
track for the exchanges of the world and Chinese,including international tourists!

2022 is a year of sports in China,Nowadays,the Beijing 2022 is still being held in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. And maybe not so many people know that the Unversiade would
be held from June 26 to July 7,2022 in Chengdu,more overseas people would come to China again,and from September 10 to 25,2022,Asian Games would be held in
Hangzhou,and more world people would flock to China.

In this week,because of the price hike of the world crude oil and gas and the closed Russia space,the international air tickets become expensive,for example,the one-
way ticket from USA to China have already been over 10,000USD,this would make some runners overseas feel difficulty to come to the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon on
May 1st,2022,we have decided that your race entry would be valid permanently, you can consider and choose any of your proper time to the Great Wall of China Marathon
from Autumn 2022 till the years beyond.

About 4 houra ago,Chinese Prime Minister Mr.Li Keqiang answered the questions by foreign and Chinese journalists at this most important meeting this year,and one of
them is that China would continue to open its door much wider to the outside world,etc.etc.

Thank you all very much and keep on your regular training,we are looking forward to meeting you soon at the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,the Great Wall of
China Marathon 2022-Autumn and the Roof of the World Marathon in 2022!

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