Our Very Valuable Suggestion for Your Hotel in Beijing
for the 20th Great Wall of China Marathon 2021 (March 10,2021)

The official hotel we have been mentioning is the hotel we have used for more than 10 years,and the main manager group have been working there for supporting the Great Wall of China Marathon which has been hold for 19 years on May 1st,and from October 2016,we start to held the Great Wall of China Marathon-Autumn every year,too,and the main manager group also have helped to accept our runners from overseas every year,so the official hotel can be said is the only hotel in China which have the 100% confidence in accepting overseas runners than any other hotels under this special period of the world.

And we always have Great Wall of China Marathon staff working at the hotel for helping our runners for checking in and for getting the race packets the day before the race,etc.And we provide the flexibility to our world runners that we can help you to pair the room,so each person is just around US$58.00 a night.If you need the hotel,please just let us know the date you would check in,and how many days you expect to stay at the hotel and whether you would like to share a room with another runner or not.So afterwards,what left for you is just come to the hotel for check in very leisurely,and you would make the payment at the front desk of the hotel,and then enjoy your so wonderful time in Beijing!

Here is the 4-star hotel:
No.31 Zhongguancun Nandajie,Haidian District,Beijing,100081,China

The most detail is here when we wrote for the runners of the 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020.

We welcome the runners of the 20th Great Wall of China Marathon 2021,and you can get your race packets at the official hotel on April 30,2021!

One last word,be sure to book this hotel earlier,there will be a huge tourism boom in Beijing,and millions of people would come to travel in Beijing from the end of April 2021 because yesterday Chinese government announced the Golden Week 5-day national holiday from May 1st till May 5,2021!

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The 20th Great Wall of China Marathon 2021
Date: May 1st,2021
5K,10K,21K 42K
Registration fee: US$250.00/ 1,700CNY



Thank you all very much!

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