One Extra Free Tour Day to the Runners of the Roof of the World Marathon 2021-Autumn (March 5,2021)

The Two Sessions 2021 are being held in Beijing,and the Peoples' Congress opens this morning today(March 5) and would end on March 11,2021.Chinese Premier Li Keqiang just finished the government report 20 minutes ago and China' s GDP in 2021 is up to 6%,etc.

Any Benefit that the Two Sessions now in China would bring for our worldwide runners?


For the Roof of the World Marathon Runners

According to the latest information this morning,the construction of the high-speed railway in Tibet is one of the key work.
As part of the Sichuan and Tibet High-Speed Railway construction,the section of 433KM express railway in Tibet would be open before July this year between Lhasa and Linzhi,this would become a brand-new option for our runners who will run the Roof of the World Marathon 2021-Autumn.

The train speed is designated to be 160KM/per hour,so our world runners would be able to have the one day high-speed railway tour after the 8-day acclimatizing to the altitude and running the Roof of the World Marathon. And along this railway,you would be able to see over 15 snow-capped mountains,and their height/peak are all over 4,000 metres above the sea level,and you would also see the train cross the 5 big rivers.So you would be the first group of the runners to exprience the fastest train on the Roof of the World!

If runners who register the Roof of the World Marathon 2021-Autumn would like to have this new option,please let us know,we would let this premier tour come true for you.

And your would get the one-day free tour with the express train,so you would totally stay in Tibet for 8 nights and 9 days.And you would fly back to Beijing on November 9,2021!

Please register from here:

The Roof of the World Marathon 2021-Autumn
Period: November 1-8,2021

The deadline for this one day free tour registration: March 7,2021.

Thank you all very much!

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