Notice No.3 VERY IMPORTANT: For all the World Runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018(April 25,2018)

The Great Wall of China Marathon 2018 would come soon.We are very happy to welcome you all to Beijing.Here are really some very important notice that we expect you pay attention to,so that you would have the very nice time to challenge the most difficult marathon.

Bus Departure Time CHANGED!!!

On May 1st,2018,we all runners would depart the official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel at 4:30AM! We suggest all the runners come earlier to the hotel,and the buses would not wait for anyone and would start at 4:30AM,because there would be roadblock on this day!

GWCM2018 Start Time CHANGED!!!

The 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018 would start at 6:30AM.Our buses with all the runners would be arriving at the Start Line Square at about 5:50AM.

Time Limit

And the 10K runners would be brought back by our mini bus from the finish line at the other side of the Great Wall to the Start Square.The time limit  for 10K runners is 2 hour 30 minutes.The time limit for the half marathoners is 6 hours and 30 minutes.The time limit for the full marathoners is 10 hours.There is no time limit for the 5K runners.

Paypal fee

The runners who made the payment via Paypal need to pay the paypal fee,please check your comfirmation letter you would see it,either you paid for the race,or the hotel or the spectator or the options.Please get your small US dollar note ready or the same amount of Chinese currency.The exchangr rate is 1USD=6.3RMB.

For example,when you pay the registration fee 250USD,we actually received only 238.7USD,and the paypal company charged the 11.30USD,so you need to pay 11.30USD to us or 71.19 to us or the 71RMB to us.

The runners who made the registration via ACTIVE.COM,the bank transfer fee has already been charged,so you do not have to pay for this.

Massage Ticket

Because this is really the very hard race in China,so this year,we still have the massage service for the runners.Our massage room is near the Shower Room close to the Great Wall Start/Finish Square.The fee is 100RMB for 15 minutes.You can purchase the Massage Ticket when you come to get your race bag on April 30 at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.

Chinese pain relief and muscle relax plaster is also available.It is 2USD/ or 12RMB per piece.

Shower Ticket

We have shower place near the finish line of full/half/5K.And the 10K runners would be brought back by our mini bus from the other side of the Great Wall to this finish line.Please bring your own tower and shampoo for taking the shower after your race.The shower ticket is 5USD/or 30RMB,which would be available when you come to take your race bag at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.

Marathon Box

And this year,we have prepared the very exquisite marathon box for our runners to remember the most difficult marathon in China.

There are two types of the marathon box.One is 20 inch,the other is 16 inch,the price for the bigger one is 80USD/or 508RMB and the samller one is 60USD/or 380RMB.

You can get the marathon box at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel when you come to pick up your race bag on April 30,2018.

Payment by cash or the credit card is OK.if you pay by credit card,we would send you the payment link by our paypal to your email,and you can immediately complete the payment in the real time,and you can do it even you do not have the paypal account.The 6% paypal fee is required.

Here are the two photos of the Great Wall of China Marathon Box.


Great Wall of China Marathon Buff is one of most popular goods among all our runners every year,we have prepared the buff for you,too,this year,you can purchase it on April 30,2018 at the hotel.


Please bring your own camelbak to China for the race,especially for the runners who run the half and full marathon.

The water aid station on the top of the Great Wall might not be enough.It would take a whole day time(8 hours) for one person to take the two cases of bottle water(24 bottles/each case) to the top of the Great Wall.

We have marathon bags for every runners,and for the 5K and 10K,we think our marathon bag would be enough for you to use during the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018.


If you would come together with your family member/friends to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018,we welcome you all very much.The registration fee is 125USD or 787RMB is needed.You can apply and pay it on April 30 at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel in cash.

Runners in Option 1~3

Many runners registered the Option 3 and Option 1 of the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018.In case that you might not receive our email,or in case that you flight might highly delayed,etc.please highly remeber this:

Our drivers would come to Beijing Capital International Airport to pick you up before your flight arrive on April 29 or the other date that you told us by email.Every of our driver would hold a piece of with your name written on,and the driver would take you to the taxi in the parking lot.

We have not completely received the flight information of our runners in Option 3,our driver would be waiting for you there definitely.

When you write to us,please check your email to tell us your flight number,arriving time,and the terminal buidling.Without the above three points,we might miss you,because the aiport is so big.Yes,your arrival date and also your departure date and the detail flight info.

Here is the address of Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel in Chinese.

ks C 关X31 k_M际XB


No.2 Notice:For All the World Runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018 (April 18,2018)New!

No.1 Notice:For All the World Runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018


Yes,if you have anything unclear,or you have the exact need,please write to us,we are doing our best every day to satisfy all the world runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2018 in northwest Beijing.


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