Notice No.2 for all the World Runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018(April.18,2018)


First,please all the runners who have already registered the Option 1 and Option 2 and Option 3 of the 17th Great wall of China Marathon 2018 to send us your flight info to and fro Beijing,we begin to arrange our staff to pick you up at Beijing Capital International Airport on April 29,2018 and seeing you off on May 2nd,2018.

Today we mention what we highly suggest for full marathon and half marathon runners before you come to Beijing China for the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2018.

The Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM) is the most difficult marathon race in China,as you know for the full marathoners,it would take you 8 hours or 10 hours to complete the race,as for the half marathon runners,it would take you over 6 hours to complete the race.

Our runners come from all over the world,you have your own eating habit,you have your own favourite food,and you have your own favourite suppliment for your marathon race.

Even though we have the sandwiches,the bananas,the Gatorade,the eggs,the mineral water,etc. for our runners,we still strong suggest you to prepare something(some special small food/special small energy drink/gels) you think you need most for your endurance on the Great Wall on May 1st,2018.This would really help you a lot.

For the full and half marathon runners,we also highly suggest you to prepare you camelbaks and bring it to China for the race.This would help you greatly when you run this most difficult marathon in China.

We have only 8 camelbaks available,that you can purchase on April 30,2018 when you come to get your bib numbers at the official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.It is 38USD/each,if you do need,please write email to let us know,we keep it for you.

We have marathon bags for every runners,and for the 5K and 10K,we think this bag would be enough for you to use during the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018.See the photo:



No.1 Notice:For All the World Runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018


By the way,we have shower place near the finish line of full/half/5K.And the 10K runners would be brought back by our mini bus from the other side of the Great Wall to this finish line.Please bring your own tower and shampoo for taking the shower after your race.The shower ticket is 5USD/or 30RMB,which would be available when you come to take your race bag at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.

The Hubei Hotel is becoming our new hotel for accepting the world runners,and if you are so new and would like to come to run the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018,please register it,you would be arranged to stay at Hubei Hotel near Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.The distance between the two 4-star hotel is just 3-minute walking.

For any runner that if you suddenly could not come to Beijing for the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018,please let us know by writing email to us,we would keep your entry,and transfer your entry to the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn on October 21,2018 or the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019.

We are going to release No.3 Notice on April 24,2018,which more detail new information for all our runners.We will work on the Great Wall for the last preparation from April 22 to April 27,2018 for all our world runners.

Yes,if you have anything unclear,or you have the exact need,please write to us,we are doing our best every day to satisfy all the world runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2018 in northwest Beijing.

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Thank you all very much again from all our hearts for your true-heart support every day! Below are the marathon summary that we are the race director and organizer.

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