Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


Q & A for the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016(April 23,2016)

The Q & A column has been also updated today.And we would add the questions put forwarded by our runners here every day.


Question 1 from Oliver,a runner from Germany:

The race gets closer and closer and Sebastian and I are very excited to travel to China in two weeks.
We now make the last plans for the race and I have a question about it...

We will run the full distance and after the race start, we run back to the starting point two more times.
Is it may be possible to place our bags in the starting area for refilling our camelbaks with special energy drinks or may be to place there some changing clothes? I would also like to run with a camera for one round...so it would be great if I can leave it at the starting point when I return after the first or the second round. Is it somehow possible to leave our bag there? Or are there too many people so that it may be gets stolen?

See you in Beijing :)


As founder and organizer,we are also very happy and excited for the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016.

We will open the separated special place near the starting area convenient for our runners to leave your bags,refilling your camelbaks,placing your changing clothes and leave your camera,etc.We would have several of our staff very responsible for the management of this special place.

The very nice toilet is also near the Start and Finish,which would be also very convenient for our runners to do some changes.

We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone in Beijing at the end of this month.


Question 2: How many stairs/steps are there on the Great Wall for the half marathon runners?


Yes,we believe that our runners read our news very carefully that there are over 15000 stairs/steps on the wall for the full marathon runners.Here we are very happy to tell that there are over 8500 stairs/steps for the half marathon runners.


Question 3: How many hours are there from the official 4 star Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel and the newly designated 5-star Nikko New Century Beijing Hotel to the Great Wall?


The two hotels are very close.It is less than two kilometres.And from the two hotels to the Great Wall,it would take one hour and 20 minutes by our buses for all our runners.Our buses would depart from two hotels together at 5:30AM on May 1,2016.


Question 4: I have seen the route map for this year and it is at the Badaling section of the wall, I was just wondering if it would be very crowded?


The Badaling Great Wall is different from Badaling Ancient Great Wall where we would have the race.It is the 10K far away from that crowded wall.It is an unknown Great Walls to tourists,and there is also no direct transportation to be there.From Monday to Friday,there are only about 5 tourists there every day.Most drivers could not find the way there,and you cannot find the entrance to the Great Wall even with GPS navigation.This Great Wall is not marked on any Chinese maps and Google map.This is the first time for runners from all over the world to run marathon on this part of the Great Wall.We come here with the support of Chinese government.


Question 5:

Dear Zhu Guihua,

How have you been? I watch your website everyday. It is good to see that you are updating it daily adding useful information. Thank you so much you are doing a wonderful job.

I was in confusion regarding my stay in Beijing. Now I am clear and decided to take your three-day hotel package from April 29 till May 2,2016. Please let me know if this package is still available and how much I need to pay. Please also suggest other options that are available.

Best Regards, Vijay

Dear Vijay,
Thank you very much for your greatest efforts!
As for the Option 3 you mentioned and the hotel,here is some basic information.

If you use Option 3,that is the package from April 29 to May 2,and the total price for one person is 498USD.
And the detail is here.

And sinec you have paid the 250USD,and if you need to join the Option 3,you need to pay another 248USD,then that is enough.
Options 3:
April 29(Fri.):Arrive in Beijing.Fetch you at Beijing Capital International Airport to the hotel.Course Explaination Meeting at the hotel Conference Room from 2PM-4PM.
Hand you the champion chip. Overnight at Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel.
April 30(Sat.):Free.
May 1(Sun.):Breakfast. Later special buses leave the hotel for Jinshanling Great Wall for the Great Wall of China Marathon. Light Lunch at the Great Walls . Bus back to the hotel from the Great Wall. Tremendous celebration party would be held for all the participants,and the medals and the certificates would be also awarded to all the participants on the Great Walls. Overnight at Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel.
May 2(Mon.):Breakfast at the hotel.See you off at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Price Offer:498USD/per

About Options 3
1)You will be on the tours with the other world participants.
2)198USD Application fee is included in the tour.
3)4-star Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel,two persons share one room, Single Occupancy 185USD.
4)English-speaking guides.
5)Tour Application Deadline:April 15,2016
And there is another option,that is you just need to book the hotel.And each hotel room is 106USD per night.And the three day would be 318USD.We can help you to book the room.

We think the above Option 3 with 248USD is better than the hotel only,because 248USD also includes the airport pick-up on April 29 and see-off on May 2,2016.

And the deadline is April 15,we suggest you to make the payment by palpay today.We immediately make the arrangement for you.When you finish making the payment,please also let us know.

Thank you very much from all our hearts.And we will make your email today into Q and A column on the website today.
Best Regards to you and all your people!


Question 6:

Could you please upload some information with all the important things we have to know about the race and the day before?
I mean especially the date and the time of the explanation meeting in the Shenzhou Hotel on saturday and the departure of the buses to the Great Wall on race day.


For the very important things that we expect our runners to know is that:

1)Full marathon runners should bring your Camelbaks with you.For the half marathon runners,it is better that you also bring your camelbaks,in this way,you would have the very happy time on the wall.We explained this in our previous news before.

Important:Camelbaks Suggested(April 10,2016)New!

2)Most runners come to China to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016 for the first time.It is possible that the local Chinese food is not the suitable food for you on the race day,we suggest you to bring from your country and prepare something you like the best that you usually use for your full marathon races,no matter it is your special drinks or your energy bars,etc.All these are the suggestion for all the full marathon runners.If you run the half,you can prepare some for yourselves.

We would have the water stations at every convenient locations for our runners,mormally at every 2K places.And we have two food stations,with bananas,some sports drinks,etc

3)Just two days ago,we have decided to bring the more convenience to all our runners,so we split the Explanation Meetings on April 30 into many small session from 10AM to 7PM on April 29 and April 30,so when you come to the hotel at your convenient time,you would enjoy our explanation to you just so small group every hour.Please read the time table here.

Very Useful:Convenient Reception Time for All our World Runners before the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016(April 20,2016) New!


Question 7:

Will we all leave together after the finishing of the marathon or will the buses leave for Beijing when there are enough people to fill up the buses? And will there be some time left for taking some photos at the Great Wall if we finish earlier than other runners?


In the past three years,runners just begin to leave the Great Wall when each bus is full of enough people.normally 50 people.For this year,we would also give this free right to every runners,you can choose leave early or you can stay at last when the whole race is over.

We have a small advice to the runners who expect to leave early,especially for the runners who might leave Beijing after the race.We greatly suggest your departure time of your plane or train should be after 18 o'clock if you run the 5K or the 10K.If you run the half or full marathon,your departure time should be better after 21 o'clock.This is our experience we know in the past 14 years,or otherwise you might miss your train or planes.

These days,we get the request from some runners who hope that we have the drinking and dinner party for all runners on May 1 after the race,we would decide this in the evening of April 23,and make the announcement in the separate news tonight.


If you have any of your questions,we would put up here and give the answer here timely.

Today and this weekend,we continue to keep contacts with our runners for your sign-up and payment for the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016 and your sign-up of the 16th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2017.Thank you all very much for your warmest participation!

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