All the Great Wall Marathon Runners Are Inspiring the World(November 15,2023)

Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn has passed for 17 days,we have not written the summary of the race and every extremely-wonderful runners from all over the world.They are so deep and vivid in our mind every day!

Today,the first news,we just use a few pictures to express our highest appreciation and profound emotion!

Runners from the following 22 countries participated the Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn(GWCM2023-Autumn):

Germany,USA,UK,Italy,Japan,Norway,France,Singapore,Canada,Ecuador,Austria,Mexico,Russia,  Malaysia,Ukraine,Morocco,Brazil,Hongkong,Switzerland,India,Poland and China.

Mr.Robert Sielski,over 81 years old, is the oldest runner ever at the Great Wall of China Marathon in the past 22 years!He is from Florida USA.

Robert completed the half marathon with 7 hours and 11 minutes and 09 seconds.The time limit for the Great Wall of China Marathon is 10 hours.Robert inspired all the runners,all the spectators and all the working staff on the race day October 29,2023!

This boy is 7 years old and half,he is from China,so unbelievable that he finished the half marathon with over 6 hours and 30 minutes!

After the race,he told us that he would like to challenge to run the marathon at the 23rd Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2024,briefly GWCM2024!

It is not only Robert and the little Chinese boy who inpired us all,it is every runners who have written a unique legend and showed us their greatness on the most difficult marathon in China!Some volunteers on the race day told us that they would very much like to run a 10K for a try at GWCM2024!

Miss.Joelly Ines from Austria very successfully completed the marathon and she beacme No.1 for women! Her result is 5:53:55!

Last week,Joelly registered to run the half marathon again at the 23rd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2024 and then she would join the other runners who will run the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM) 2024,she will fly with us on May 2nd from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet and run 10K on May 6 and run a marathon on May 8,2024! This is the world highest elevation marathon!

We welcome you to run together with Joelly either at the Great Wall of China Marathon 2024 or the Roof of the World Marathon 2024 or even two together!

Before the start of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn,a Chinese Rhythmic gymnast made a cheering up performance for all our runners from the whole world!

From the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and the Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn,by the way,we held the Great Wall of China Marathon twice a year,some runners who failed to come to run the Great Wall of China Marathon2020,2021,2022 begin to come back to us gradually!Yes,we are the only marathon in China that we had not cancelled the Great Wall of China Marathon even in 2020,2021 and 2022.

We welocme you all,about 20 runners have not been able to come to the race,your entries are permanent.We wait for you at your convienient time! As you know the international flights tickets to Beijing were over 2,000USD to 10,000USD in the past three years!

Now the international flights and the price have become normal! For example,there are over 100 direct flights between Japan and China every week!And the round flight tickets between Tokyo and Beijing is around 500USD,and there are 70 direct flights between USA and China,and the round tickets between Los Angeles and Beijing is around 800USD. The round flight tickets between Beijing and most capital cities of the Southeast Asian countries are starting from around 320USD.The round tickets between Europe and Beijing is starting from around 600USD.

Chinese President is now visiting the USA,And from the news in China today that there would be more flights between USA and China from early 2024! In fact,more international flights between China and the whole world are still increasing! This really becomes also one of the best news for all the international marathoners of Great Wall of China Marathon 2024 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2024!

Useful:The Total List of the Great Wall of China Marathon/the Roof of the World Marathon in 2024

Well,so much to say,we cannot put everything in a small shell! We have been able to get accessed to all the international social media now,and we have already uploaded the photos of every runners of Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn to the Google Drive.We would begin to very actively introduce all our greatest runners and keep in touch with all our world runners from November 16,2023 by email,by Wechat and by the below international social media! Thank you all so much for your greatest patience and your greatest support!


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