Running the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon 2023 in the beautiful Spring!
(April 20,2023)


Today is Grain Rain,one of 24 solar terms according to Chinese Lunar Calendar,so this marks the last 15 days of Spring season in China,and the Beginning of Summer will
be on May 6,2023!

On the Great Wall,recently,flowers begin to blossom as what you see in the picture,which is from the countdown of Beijing Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony 2022!

Here is the video,and you can see the Grain Rain at 1:07

And if you are now in overseas, here is the video on Youtube that you can see in 4K quality.

The participation enthusiasm is very high by all the world runners,so we have decided to extend the registration of the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon 2023 till the
end of April 2023!

And here is the registration link:

For the new registering runners during April 21 and April 29,we would send the confirmation letter to you at once soon after you finish the registration!

The 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon will begin at 8AM on May 1st,2023.The registered runners can come to pick up your race packets any time from 9AM to 6PM on April
30,2023 at the official hotel in Beijing!

We would begin to write the first group email to all the runners from Saturday April 22nd,2023!


Thank you all very much,the world runners,for your warmth support every day! We also thank all the world runners,who have registered and who will register to run the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023!

The registration links:

The social media has paused for some time already except Tiktok/Douyin in China.Sorry we would not be able to reply you and communicate with you there.

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