Real Race and Virtual Race together at the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020-Autumn on October 30,2022 (September 24,2022)

Hongkong has become the first city in China now that you would not be quarantined if you are coming from overseas.
Within the coming two months,over 200 new flights linking the whole world from Hongkong and Mainland China and Japan would be added!
If you would depart Mainland China from Hongkong International Airport,no PCR test required now.

Hongkong would become one of the very shining international tourist hubs soon!

After the one-week important CCP conference in Beijing starting from October 16,2022,you would see much more very good news about China!

For the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn on Sunday October 30,2022,you would not only be able to come to participate on the wall,but also participate our first virtual run,through your mobile or laptop,you would see the LIVE of the runners on the wall,too!

We welcome you,and you can choose one of the 18 world langauges for your convenient registration of the real race on the wall and virtual race:

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Of couse,via the ACTIVE.COM, now,you can also register the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023! And the Roof of the World Marathon 2023!

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