Extremely Good News: Starting from Zero (Updated-September 23,2022)

Three hours ago,Hong Kong government announced that any people coming to Hongkong are not required to be quarantined,
and the policy is 0+3,that is,when you arrive in Hongkong,you need to stay in the hotel for three days as medical observation,and you can go outside,but you cannot enter part of the places such as restaurants and bars.

When you arrive at Hongkong International Airport,you would receive the PCR test,and you need not to wait for the result at the airport,and you can go to the hotel directly and you would be informed the result of the previous day on the 4th day.

During your 3 days in Hongkong,you would be labeled as Yellow code.

After the three days with the green code result,you can fly from Hongkong to Beijing.

In the past more than 10-days,we have not very actively updated the official website of Great Wall of China Marathon and its social media at Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin and Youtube,because we have got the different good news every day,too much to update,for example,Chinese government is making the plan to open the international toursim,China and Japan agreed to open more direct flights between the two countries,Japan opens its border from October 11 for international tourists,more flights would fly between Tokyo and Hongkong,etc.etc.

From today,we also start from Zero to accept the runners to the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn,which is on Sunday October 30,2022,it is also the second race date of the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022.

From today,we also start from Zero to accept the runners to the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 in Beijing! Together with the Roof of the World Marathon 2023,starting from May 2,2023!

It is the pandemic that affected the work,life and the best communcation of the world people,it is this opening now,and the opening wpuld become wider and wider,all the misunderstanding would be completely disappearing finally before the end of 2022! The free sky is coming to us all ! The life of every world people will come back to normal soon !


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