An Understanding of Great Wall of China Marathon-Part 2 (August 7,2022)

Your Great Wall of China Marathon Entry is Permanent!

Never cancel the Great Wall of China Marathon

In the past 21 years,we are the only marathon organizer in China who has never cancelled the Great Wall of China Marathon in any difficult years.

For example,in 2003,there were no more than 5 marathon races in the whole China,and it was in 2003 that Beijing was suddenly stricken by SARS in April,and Beijing was locked down,and we had to delay our marathon to the autumn in 2003.

A Japanese runner who name is Muto saw all these and saw all our efforts for every runners whole heartedly.He participated the race in 2003,and then 12 years later,he came to run the Great Wall of China Marathon again on May 1st,2015,and he then became 74 years old.Please see our news report about him in 2015.

0066 is Mr.Muto in the photo.

Japan:The Oldest Runner at the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015(April 17,2015)

For any situation,we always keep the entry of every runners valid.

For eaxmple,Mr.Edgar Purkart from Austria registered the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2016,and he could not come,and we keep his entry valid all the time,and 4 years later in 2019,he came finally for the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2019!

Yes,when you book the flight,and you would not go to use it,your ticket becomes invalid,and if you book a hotel,and you would not go for it,and after that date,the hotel would not refund you.As for the Great Wall of China Marathon,you registered,your entry is permanently valid!

2022 is a year of China Opening to the World!

Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022 was successfully held in February 2022.And the pandemic in the Spring in China hindered the time for China to open to the world much earlier this year!
It is amzing to see that from June 2022,China starts to gradually restore the international flights which were closed in Feburary 2020.Up till August now,the international direct flights connect China and more than 50 major cities all over the world.

China is confident already in the control and prevention of the covid,for example,there are direct flights between Tokyo and Beijing,even more than 200,000 cases are reported daily recently in Japan.

The 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 on the first race date was successfully held on July 17,2022.The 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 on the second race date would be held on Sunday October 30,2022,together with the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn!

Tomorrow,we would talk about the registered runners in 2022 and how the runners of the Great Wall of China Marathon prepare for the race on October 30,2022!



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