Great Wall of China Marathon 2015


The Oldest Runner at Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 (April 17,2015)

Yesterday,we found that the oldest runner is from Japan.He is Mr.Akira Muto.When he was 62 years old,he ran the 2nd Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM) in 2003.

12 years has passed,Mr.Muto applied to run the full marathon again at the 14th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015.He is 74 years old.Then in Japan,we suggested him to change his running distance,and not run the full marathon.He said he did not mind that he could finish running the full marathon or not this time.He just wanted to know how long distance that he would still be able to run on the Great Walls.

When Mr.Muto was young,his best full marathon result was 3:20:50.We think that he could finish running about 30KM in about 9 hours,and after 9 hours15 minutes,we would stop Mr.Muto,and bring him down to the Great Walls through the shortcut of the Great Walls.

Yes,after 9 hours 15 minutes and 9 hours 30 minutes of the race,we would stop the runners who are still at Houchuankou Areas and Dongwuyanhou Areas and Visitor Center Areas.It would take about 40 minutes or 50 minutes to get them down to the Great Walls through the shortcut and back to the Finish Areas.We hope our runners could support our work,and listen to the direction of our staff working on the Great Walls.

The bib number of Mr.Akira Muto is 0001.We also admire Mr.Muto very much.If there would be a few minutes,we would like to invite Mr.Muto to give every runners a few word at the Course Explanation Meeting at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel about the Great Wall of China Marathon 12 years ago.We would translate his Japanese into English and Chinese for everyone.

We are still having the runners who are applying to run the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 every day.As soon as you submit your Online Application,we would send your names to the champion chip company,and you would even immediately know your bib numbers.Also be sure to make the payment immediately after your application,we need to make the overall arrangement for you.

Below are the Applications for the 14th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2015 and the 2nd Roof of the World Marathon starting from May 2,2015 and the Great Wall of China Marathon 2015 Tours.

We welcome you to apply any of them.We are the Chinese top organizer for both of the races.

If you have any questions or anything unclear about the application,please feel free to write to us or directly talk with us.We work with English,Chinese and Japanese languages for you!We work 24 hours for you every day.

Thank you all so much from all our hearts for your greatest efforts and your greatest support!


Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346

By the way,we would not use the newly designed face of this official website,this is the very vital time for the worldwide runners' application and for our work for Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM)2015,we would use the new website design when the Great Wall of China Marathon 2015 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2015 are over.

And here is the Official Homepage of the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM).



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