A Whisper to the Great Wall of China Marathon Runners in 2022  (May 22,2022)

China has already basically controlled the outbreaks of omicron in China.And in the coming two or three months,you would see the complete new look of the facilities across China for facing/combating any outbreaks any time and get them wiped out immediately.

Up till May 21,2022,covid-19 cases are only found in 19 cities in China.And as you know,that China is a country with 672 cities.
Only people now living in the 19 cities could feel the stress and pressure. And your hearts would become clearer,lighter and brighter as each week goes by.

Shanghai is on the track to become normal in the life and in the work.And from May 22,2022,the bus service opens again.In the first phase of this open,the bus service would mainly connect the Shanghai city center areas,the subway stations,the railway stations and hospitals.

As for Beijing,every found cases are very clearly traced,Beijing is strengthening its strict measures of control and prevention.The lockdown in Beijing is partially not totally.

If we optimistically see this,we should say more people in Beijing are getting well-trained daily,because more and more ordinary people in Beijing begin to use the public share bikes just from last week.

As for the Great Wall of China Marathon,we have 100% invested for the race.
And the local authority would first make the online promotion of the tourism from the late afternoon of May 22,2022,including the Great Wall.

And let us whisper to you today that the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 would be very succesful again,and we would release more surprising good news for you in early July 2022!

We highly appreciate your understanding and support! We firmly believe your participation and your appearance and your proud running steps in 2022 would have the brilliant images in the non-stop history of the Great Wall of China Marathon.
Thank you all very much!

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