Make your Participation of the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022 much Easier for YOU! (January 11, 2022)

If you travel often in China, and even if you do have more travel in China in 2020 and 2021,hotel is not an issue at all for you. If you have not been able to travel much in 2020 and 2021 in China, hotel reservation could be the first issue you have to face for running the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022.

Hotel fee might be one of the big expenditure in Beijing for you. And maybe you do not know that we have been creating the your accommodation much easier for you by sharing
a room with another runner. The official hotel room fee we have obtained for our runners is 640CNY per room with two beds, and if you would like, you can share the
room with another runner, and you just pay 320CNY for one night at the 4-star hotel in downtown Beijing.

And if you want to book the official hotel, you would find that the rooms on April 30 and May 1st,2022 are sold out, or otherwise there would be the rooms with much
higher price.

So please let us know, we keep the room for you, if you want a single room, it is 640CNY and if you would like to share a room with another runner, just 320CNY,and you do
not have to pay now, you just pay to the hotel front desk when you arrive in Beijing.

And if you do not have much experience for the travelling to Beijing, and if you do not have any other running mates/friends with you, and even you do not speak
Chinese, and you want stay more days in Beijing, we suggest you to choose Option 3 of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,it is just 498USD,and the Great Wall of China
Marathon 2022 registration fee and the 3-night hotel room is included, and furthermore, you would be picked up and seen off at the airports/train stations in Beijing by our English
speaking guides.

Here is the details of Option 3:


You can very simply reserve this Option 3 together with the race at ACTIVE.COM,one of our best cooperators, you can find Option 3 at the Additional Purchases page from
the registration link:

We also have the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn to be held on Sunday October 30,2022 in Beijing, you can very easily register the race from the registration link below, too:

And therefore, you would be best helped in the above easier method for the registration and participation. If you have any further questions, please write to us by emails
or by Wechat below, we are working for all the world runners every day!

Please also follow us in the following social media with more photos and videos of our worldwide runners and the daily updates of the Great Wall of China Marathon and the Roof of the World Marathon.Thank you all very much!


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