Ways to get the Visa to China (March 18,2021)

Before March 15,2021,when you applied to get the visa to China,you were required to have the document issued by Chinese authorities,and when you got into China,you were quarantined for two weeks in China.

After the two sessions,the national meeting in Beijing in early March 2021,China starts to issue the Sanitary Pass to its citizens who need to go to abroad,and for the overseas people,the procedure becomes simplified,when you apply the visa to China,you just need first to receive the Chinese vaccine and provide vaccine certification,then you can get the visa and come to China.

Chinese vaccine is available in more than 70 countries up till now in Europe,in Asia,in Latin America,and Chinese government is also talking very actively with all the other countries for the mutual acknowledgement of the vaccine passport.

We are very happy to see the whole world is coming back to normal day by day after 2020!

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