Beaitiful LICHUN in China and the Rising of the World Runners! (February 3,2021)

---A Word to the Runners Who did not come to Beijing for Great Wall of China Marathon in 2020!

Today February 3,2021 is LICHUN(立春) according to Chinese traditional lunar calendar. LICHUN,literally means the beginning of the Spring,this is the first day of the 24 divisions/terms of the solar year.

Chinese people think the Spring is the most important season of a year,so from this day today,people begin to work much harder!It is the day the nice and beautiful things would begin to happen.

The date for LICHUN is different year by year,and it is on February 4, 2022,so it was chosen to be the Opening of Beijing Winter Olympic 2022!

It happens from today that many runners worldwide begin to pay attention to the 20th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2021 in Beijing.

It is February 3 today,three runners from Europe wrote to us and they would like to transfer their entries to the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022,they are some of the runners who registered to ran the GWCM2020.

And it is on February 3 today that a runner from Venezuela working in Beijing registered to run the the 20th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2021,and another runner from Lithuania also working in Beijing submitted the Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2021 tonight.

Today,we would like to state again that the runners who registered and had not been able to come to Beijing for the 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020 due to the covid-19,please take much easy and we acknowledge that your entry is totally valid in any of the two Great Wall of China Marathon races in 2021 and in any of the two Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022.We miss you much,and the day of our gatherings in Beijing would not be far away!

Tomorrow February 4,2021,we would introduce how China begins to encourage over 200 million people to go in for the sport activities from the Spring of 2021.

Thank you all very much!

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