New Service: Your Smooth Accommodation in Beijing for Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(September 28,2020)

If you do not live in Beijing,hotel for you to
the 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020/Great Wall of China Marathon 2020-Autumn
might be the first issue you would face immediately.

If this is your first time to Beijing and if you cannot speak Chinese,we suggest you to use our service,which would bring much convenience to you.

The official hotel is the 4-star MERCURE BEIJING ZHONGGUANCUN,yesterday the manager called us about our upcoming runners.
Here we offer our service to all our runners for your option:

1.Pick-up service from airports to the official hotel:

We can arrange the taxi for you and the driver would go to the airports to pick you up:
If your flight arrives at Beijing Capital International Airport,the fee is 30USD.
If your flight arrives at Beijing Daxing International Airport,the fee is 50USD.
Daxin Airport is the largest airport in the world,it opens on September 25,2019.

If your flight arrival time is after midnight and before 7AM,extra 10USD and 15USD is required respectively.

2.Hotel Reservation:
The manager who works now at the offical MERCURE BEIJING ZHONGGUANCUN is the same manager who worked at Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel for all the world runners.He knows exactly how to best serve the runners of the Great Wall of China Marathon in the past decade.
You can send us an email,we can keep the hotel room for you.
Each room either single or the standard room(two beds) is the same price: 106USD/per day,breakfast not included.

With the reservation from us,you can even check in as early as from 8AM and check out as late as at 2PM.

3)Room share:
Because we accept not just one runner, we can pair for our world runners.
For example, if you just come by your self, and you hope to stay just one night on October 24,the night before the race, we can help you to stay with another runner who
have the same expectation as you, so your room fee is just 53USD,you two would live in a standard room.

Here is the photos and useful information about the official hotel:

From the official hotel to the Great Wall,it would take 1 hour and 50 minutes.Your registration fee includes the transportation between the official hotel and the
Great Wall.

Last night,new runners Marcus and her friend won the
registration discount and also asked about the hotel,we would make the special arrangement for them.

Our emails:


Here are the registration for the race:

The 19th Great Wall of China Marathon 2020/Great Wall of China Marathon 2020-Autumn
Date: October 25,2020


Thank you all very much and have a very happy new week!
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