Answer a runner's Questions about the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn(July 17,2018)


I'm from the United States. I planned a trip for 10 days to Beijing and Japan. During my stay in Beijing, I have registered to run the Great Wall Half Marathon. Is there a place for me to meet a bus in Beijing that will take me to the starting line or does the Start Line have an address that I can give to my driver? Will my husband be able to take the same bus as a spectator?

What time does the run start? What will the weather be like? My tour group will be touring the Great Wall that day. Is the run in the same place where the tourist go?

I hope to hear from you soon. I'd like to make arrangements as soon as possible.




Good evening.We are very happy to receive your message,thank you very much!

The buses with all the runners would depart the 4-star Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel in the early morning of October 21,every year,normally our buses would depart the hotel at 5:30AM Beijing Time,in September,we would announce the exact bus departure time,but would not be later than 5:30AM. And the round bus transportation between the hotel and the great Wall is included.

The hotel address is:

Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel
No.31 Zhongguancun Nandajie,
Haidian Disctrict Beijing 10081 P.R.China

We also help our runners to reserve the hotel room every is 106USD for a standrad room with two beds,and the runners can check in even from around 8AM and check out before 2PM,and the brekfast is included,and this is what you can not get from anywhere else.If you need,please let us know and we keep the room for you and your husband.

And also your husband is regarded as spectator,the registration fee for the epectator is 50% off from the normal registration fee,so it is 125USD/per person.So all spectators could enjoy everything the same as the runners,except running.
As for the payment for spectator,you can pay to our paypal account

The race would start normally at 7:30AM,but for this year,the race course is not as the difficult as the course at the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018 at another Great Wall in Beijing,and we would also announce the exact start time in early September.

The temperature is around 15 degree centigrade (59F),
and the temperature in the evening is around 9 degree centigrade (48.2F)

The Great Wall is the first time that have the Great Wall of China Marathon for this Autumn,it is not the Great Wall that you would read in any tourist book.There are only around 7 tourists there every day.

If you would be possible to stay 3-night at the official 4-star hotel and would like us to pick you and your husband from the airport to the hotel,we also suggest you to consider our option 3,the detail is here:
So the extra fee for you is 498-250=248USD
and the fee for your husband is 125+248=373USD

We would like to listen to your decision and reply.
Thank you very much from all our hearts again and Best Regards to you and your husband and all your family!

Sincerely Most
Zhu Guihua
Founder and Race Director of Great Wall of China Marathon
Founder and Race Director of the Roof of the World Marathon
Founder and Race Director of Guilin Marathon
Founder and Race Director of Xijiang Marathon
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