Option 3:The Airport Pick-Up and Hotel for Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn(July 7,2018)

Options 3:

Oct. 19(Fri.):Arrive in Beijing.Fetch you at Beijing Capital International Airport to the
hotel.Course Explaination Meeting at the hotel Conference Room from 2PM-4PM.
Hand you the champion chip. Overnight at Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel.
Oct. 20(Sat.):Free.
Oct. 21(Sun.):Breakfast. Later special buses leave the hotel for the Great Wall for the
Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn. Light Lunch at the Great Walls. Tremendous
celebration party would be held for all the participants,and the medals and the
certificates would be also awarded to all the participants on the Great Walls. Bus back to
the hotel from the Great Wall. Overnight at Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel.
Oct. 22(Mon.):Breakfast at the hotel.See you off at Beijing Capital International Airport.

Price Offer:498USD/per

About Options 3
1)You will be on the tours with the other world participants.
2)250USD Registration fee is included in the tour.
3)4-star Shenzhou(Beijing) International Hotel,two persons share one room, Single Occupancy
4)English-speaking guides.
5)Tour Application Deadline:October 7,2018
6)If your plane would be arriving in Beijing during or after the the explanation meeting,we
would offer the special explanation for you when you arrive at the hotel.

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