The Easy-to-Understand Course Map of the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018(Mar.14,2018)

Because the Great Wall we use for the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018 is in northwest Beijing,and the Great Wall is on the Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 venue zone,and the construction is undergoing there very rapidly,so we have not been able to reveal the new course until March 2018.

What you can see here today now is a directly-cropped map from Google Map,today we give the direct introdction,it would be easy for you to understand how you choose to run the Full,Half,10K and 5K during the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018.

If you have run the Grea Wall of China marathon on May 1st,2016 and 2017,you would immediately understand that the course we used is from A to C.

And for this year,we add the new course from C to E and C to F.

Here is the detail distance:

A-C : 7K

C-E : 5K

C-F : 2K

A is the START and FINISH of Full,Half and 5K.

5K Course:


G is the 2.5K turning point on the Great Wall.The corse is totally the same as in 2016 and 2017.

10K Course:


This is the new course this year.And the FINISH would be at C,which was the turning point of the half and full marathoners in 2017. Our mini-bus would take our 10K runners back to the FINISH line of full,half and 5K.

Half Marathon Course:


From C to D,it is 3.5K. The half marathon runners would have a very pleasant time on the newly improved course.

Full Marathon Course:


So you can see,the new course would bring the full marathon runners to run the extending 14K on the flat country roads, and only the full marathon runners would have the very contrasting impression about the very quiet Chinese countryside and the rapidly developing China besides the breathtaking Great Wall.

Useful:The Shape of the New Course of the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018 (Mar.8,2018)New!

When our runners come to Beijing,we would have the most detail maps for all our runners,such as the aid stations,the toilets,the places for the luggages drop,showers,massages,coffee,places to take buses back to downtown Beijing,etc.

Tomorrow,we would release the elevation map here,too,together with the info about the exact stairs/steps that our runners would run on the wall.

Yes,if you have anything unclear,or you have the exact need,please write to us,we are doing our best every day to satisfy all the world runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2018 in northwest Beijing.

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o.1: The 17thon May 1st,2018  

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