Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


Catherine,a Tour Guide of the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon 2016(December 3,2015)

Her English name is Catherine,she is 23 year-old Chinese girl,and  she is 165cm tall.She would be serving as the tour guide for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016 Tours!Here we pubish her latest 9 photos in their own orignial sizes.

She is very warm and kind.She served as a tour guide of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016 Tours,and the runners in the tours last year were from USA,Argentina and Singapore.

This year,she is is going to accept part of our greatest runners who will be in Option 1.Here is the details of the Option 1:


The Bristish runner Mr.Mark Pattenden and his team would be also in Option 1 of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016.

After the tours with our runners for 4 days and 3 nights in Beijing,she would fly from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet for helping the runners who will run the Roof of the World Marathon to be held on May 6 and May 8,2016.

Here is the detail itineraries of our runners in Tibet:


And here is the Online Application of the Roof of the World Marathon 2016.

Catherine has a very good health,and she likes running very much.And on October 9,2016,she would be also serving our runners at Guilin Marathon 2016.

And starting from December 1,2015 is a celebration week for us.Any new runners who sign up any of the three unique marathon during December 1 and 6,2015,you would get the surprising good gift.

If you have any questions during your sign-up,please feel free to write email to us below.Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your greatest support!


Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346


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