Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


More Runners to the Roof of the World Marathon 2016(September 7,2015)

Every year,Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,we would always have the runners who would fly together with us with the permit from our Chinese government from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet for sightseeing and for running the Roof of the World Marathon that we also organize there.

Our runners respect Chinese laws,Chinese people and Chinese culture so much,so wherever they go with us in China in the past 14 years,they are always best treated and best welcome all over China.

The Roof of the World Marathon from May 2 to May 9,2015 have left so nice impression so much,and one of the runners would like to come to run it again with his other famous worldwide runners.

One of the runners from Europe would even fly to Beijing recently to meet us.We have already prepared everything well for him and for all the other worldwide runners for the Roof of the World Marathon 2016.

We are  the Top Organizer of  the three unique races in China,we welcome you to sign up one of them.We would continue to show the very wonderful world runners and very wonderful China to the whole world as each day passing by.

Here is the official Online Application of Guilin Marathon 2015:

The official Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016:

The official Online Application of the Roof of the World Marathon 2016:

ROWM:Two Itineraries for the Roof of the World Marathon on May 6 and May 8, 2016(June 18,2015)


If any of our world runners would have anything unclear or any questions toward the three unique marathon races in China,please feel free to write email to us,we reply you immediately.We work 24 hours every day and 7 days a week.Thank you all very much from all our hearts for your greatest support!


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