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Learn an Ancient Chinese Proverb(August 28,2015)

China is a country with the history of more than 5000 years old.It is Friday now,and since you would like to come to Beijing China to run the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016,and there would be so many stories to tell about the history of the Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM),and the wonderful runners in all the past 15 years,including the runners who are signing up every day for the next year.

And two American writers are keeping the close contacts with us,and we have told them that we would invite them to write a book in English about the Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM),and then get them published in the USA and the world.

Here today,we would like to introduce a Chinese Proverb to every one.The proverb has the history of more than 700 years old.

The Chinese character and its pronounciation goes like this.

And its explanation in Chinese goes here:

路途遥远才能知道马力气的大小,日子长了才能看出人心的好坏。指时间可以检验一切 。

The direct word by word translation is:

The long distance would test the power of a horse,and the long days would let us know whether a person's heart is good or not.

It can be translated this way:

Distance tests a horse's stamina.Time reveals a man's heart.

So the Chinese proverbs such as this have deeply formed the philosophy of Chinese people,and also have formed the attitude of how Chinese people treat the people around.

So from this year,we would tell our world runners about Chinese culture occasionally.We are very happy to tell you that our very loyal and very dedicated new Ambassador of Great Wall of China Marathon Mr.Shawn Crafford has started to learn the Chinese language from this week.

Next week,we would introduce some very nice USA runners and USA organization that would participate/run the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016.

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