Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


The Results of GWCM2015 Are Being Released(June 15,2015)

Happy New Week,everyone!

We have already released the Results of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2015 for 5K Men,5K Women,10K Men and 10K Women.

After the 25 days result survey from the runners from all over the world,we found that that our time were about 10 minutes different from your GPS Watches and Mobiles.

We also found a issue that some runners just changed their bib numbers without letting us know in advance.For example,a female half marathon runner wanted to run the full marathon,and a male runner wanted to run the half marathon,so they two changed their bibs.This also would totally affect us for the making the rank of the runners.

Yesterday,our Top Organizer of Great Wall of China Marathon in Japan,who also ran the Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1 in the past 5 years,also including this year,told us that he would fly to Hongkong from Tokyo Japan on June 22,2015 to have the last check of the results that we have also already done for the full and half marathon runners.

He made the photos and videos on the Great Walls,and he just ran the 20K this year and then stood all the time at the START and FINISH till the end of the race.And we would also have all the photos and videos and the records of the timing company to analysize every full and half marathon runners one by one for two days,then we would release the final results for the full and half marathon runners.

If you are a full or half marathon runners this year,and you have not yet submited the Result Survey to us,please complete this before June 22,2015.We will add your feedback together during our two-day meeting next week.


Every runners,who submit the Result Survey to us would get the 50USD entry fee discount for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016.

Next Year,more than 200 Japanese runners from all over Japan would come to run the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016.

From tomorrow,we would start our normal work for accepting the runners who apply to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016,the Roof of the World Marathon 2016 and Guilin Marathon to be held on October 11 this year.

And here is the Online Application for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016:

As for making the payment,you can make the deposit to our bank account at Bank of China or to our PAYPAL account.Please see the detail bank information below here:


When you finish making the payment,please send us your screen shot that you do online or the copy of your bank receipt/slip to our following email,then we will send the official Confirmation Letter to you.And if you have any questions,please feel free to write to us.


Thank you all very much again from all our hearts for your greatest support and understanding.

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346


And here is the Official Homepage of the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM).



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