Great Wall of China Marathon 2016


A Golden Belt for Runners to Great Wall of China Marathon 2016(June 12,2015)

The official hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon has been the 4-star Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.In the past two years,Rennaisance Hotel  was drawn into the acception of our runners.However,it caused the greatest inconvenience for the total management of the Great Wall of China Marathon to be hold on May 1 every year.

For the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016,we will use Beijing New Century Hotel,a five-star hotel to replace Rennaisance Hotel for the runners.

And from Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel to Beijing New Century Hotel,there are 1200 metres.And between this two hotels,there is a park called Zizhuyuan Park with the area of 47.35 hectares.And the runners who come to Beijing can have the first very convenient green park for you to do exercise and get the total relax before the race.The entry fee is free to the park.

Here is website of the park in English language:


As for the Beijing New Century Hotel,the staff speak English and Japanese at the open front desk 24 hours every day.There are swimming pool and gym and post office in the hotel.Bank of China opens a branch inside the hotel.And the machine in the lobby can help to change all the foreign currencies into RMB very easily.There are 6 different restaurents inside the hotel for statisfying all our runners from all over the world.And you can do the flight boarding check-in in the hotel lobby before you head to Beijing Capital International Airport after the race.

And there are also cheaper hotels with the room rate from 35USD to 80USD between the official 4-star Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel(room rate:106USD) to the 5-star Beijing New Century Hotel(room rate 128USD).

For anyone who apply to run the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2016 and make the payment on June 13 and 14,2015,you can get a free hotel foom at either Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel or Beijing New Century Hotel.

And here is the Online Application for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2016:

As for making the payment,you can make the deposit to our bank account at Bank of China or our paypal account.Please see the detail information here:


When you finish making the payment,please send us your screen shot that you do online or the copy of your bank receipt/slip to our following email,then we will send the official Confirmation Letter to you.And if you have any questions,please feel free to write to us.


Thank you all very much again from all our hearts for your greatest support and understanding.May you and all your family and all your friends have a very happy weekend!

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346


And here is the Official Homepage of the Roof of the World Marathon(ROWM).



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