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Japanese yen and Japanese bank(May 22,2013)

From last December till today,Japanese yen continues to devaluated.And the devaluation has comes to almost 25%.

We get the application fee all year round,mostly,we ask our world wide runners to remit to our Japanese bank account.And when your fee comes to our Japanese bank account,Japanese bank will transfer it the same day to japanese yen and put it into our bank account.

According to what we know,the devaluation of Japanese yen will be continuing.We feel that the more we have japanese yen,the more danger we would meet.

And not so many runners know that for each deal of the application fee,the Japanese bank will charge 1500 Yen as their commission.That is to say,when you pay 198USD to us,we can get only 185USD.

And this has been continued for over 12 years.This is not a small amount of money.

So from now,we even offer two bank account information to our worldwide runners,one is the Japanese bank Resona,which is written on the official online application form,and the other is Bank of China,and we have never put that on the official Online Application form of Great wall of China Marathon.

So from June 2014,we might officially put our bank account at Bank of China on the official Online Application of Great wall of China Marathon 2014.

And from tomorrow,when we contact our worldwide runners for paying the Application fee/entry fee,for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2014 Tours,and for the DVD,etc. we would begin to stress that to remit your fee to our Chinese Bank accounts,either Bank of China or Postal Savings Bank of China.

Thank you very much for your understanding and thank you all very much for your greatest support.






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