Great Wall of China Marathon 2014


5 Photos:Ms.Wiersma and her Daughter Nikki (May.21,2013)

It is 2:30AM Beijing Time on May 21,2013.About one hour ago,we received an email from Ms.Natalie Wiersma together with 5 photos here.

Hi Mr Zhu Guihua,

It is already two weeks ago we left Beijing.
What a wonderful experience!!!

Thanks again for all you efforts.

I send you some photofs with you or the volunteers in it.

Kind regards,
Natalie Wiersma

Ms.Wiermas applied to run the Great Wall of China Marathon last year.And we clearly remembered that she remitted over 1600USD to our bank account at Bank of China in Beijing for Great wall of China Marathon 2013 Tours Option 1.

She came together with her daughter Nikki for running the Great wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013.

She told us in Beijing that she also organized marathon race,she said it is not easy to satisfy everyone's need.She has been greatly supporting our work and understanding our work.We highly appreciate this much.We told her that we would hugely improve our work, because we would have over 1000 worldwide runners at Great Wall of China Marathon 2014.

This year,we have invested more than 150 staff working for Great wall of China Marathon.And next year,we will invest round 500 staff working for our worldwide runners.

At Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013,we for the first time to record the whole day about all our worldwide runners,and it is avalable now.50USD a copy.And 8 hours before we received her email,we sent the DVD of Great Wall of China Marathon 2013 to her home in the Netherlands.(We will finish sending the DVD and the photos within 3 days to our worldwide runners.)

Thank you very much Ms.Natalie Wiersma and Nikki,Thank you all very much, all our worldwide runners and your families,and thank you all the companies and all the clubs and all the individuals,for your greatest support to Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2013 and Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1,2014.


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