The Newest Q&A in Brief about the 23rd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2024(Dec.5,2023)


I live in Australia and would like to enter the Great Wall Marathon. Can you please confirm that it is okay for me to buy a ticket to enter from overseas?

Yes,it is okay for you and for every world runner to buy a ticket to enter the race from overseas without any package tour,and you can also organize your own accommodation.


How about the transportation between the official hotel and the Great Wall?

The transportation fee is included in the registration fee 250USD,we have buses for every runners from the hotel in downtown Beijing to the start line of the Great Wall,and it would only takes about one hour and 30 minutes,therefore you can have enough time to sleep the night before the race.If you stay at the official hotel,you can even get up at 5AM and our buses depart the hotel at 5:30AM.After the race,the buses take the runners back to the hotel in downtown Beijing again.

The runners can register the race from any of the three registration links:


It would be my first time to Beijing China since 2019,what changes has happened in the past 4 years in China?Any suggestions which would make my Great Wall of China Marathon 2024 and the Roof of the World Marathon in 2024 more convenient and smooth?

China has become a country that people in China almost do not use cash in their daily life now,Chinese people have already been quite used to the payment with mobile phone in every aspects! And with just one mobile phone in China,you can very freely to travel in China very smoothly.

From the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and the Great Wall of China Marathon 2023-Autumn,we see that overseas runners prefer to prepare the cash in Chinese currency for the daily life expenses in Beijing.Yes,it works now the same as in 2019/before,but if you learn to use Wechat or Alipay.You would immediately feel everything suddenly become extremely convenient and time-saving for you wherever in Beijing and wherever in the whole China!

2023 has become the first year that we see more runners even make the payment by Wechat or/and Alipay for the registration fee of the Great Wall of China Marathon and the Roof of the World Marathon! Yes,these runners are mostly the expats and overseas students working and studying in China!

All right,if you have any other questions during your registration,please write email to us or Wechat to us.We would do our best for you.Thank you very much again!

PS: The runners you see here are the runners from Austria,Norway and China when they get off the bus at the start line at the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023.


The Roof of the World Marathon 2024
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