How to Register the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon 2023 and Reserve the Official Hotel together EASILY(March 1st,2022)

First,Please go to register the race from here:

Second,please find Additional Purchases there,
and choose Option 3.
You would have the three nights 4-star official hotel,and the drivers will pick up you from Beijing Capital International Airport on April 29,2023
and see you off at Beijing Capital International Airport on May 2,2023.

If you prefer to have more than 3-night hotel,please purchase Option 3,and then please write email to tell us the extra nights you expect to have,and we would keep the hotel room for you and adjust the time of our drivers to pick you up and see you off at Beijing Capital International Airport.

If you prefer only one night hotel or two-night hotel,please just write email to us and we would contact you and keep the hotel rooms for you.

If you have already booked the race,and expect us to help you for the official hotel reservation,please just write email to tell us.We would keep the room for you.

Our emails:

Thank you very much and have a very wonderful March 2023!

We all from all over the world would finally meet face to face again in this beautiful Spring at the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 in Beijing and the Roof of the World Marathon 2023 starting from May 2nd ! We welcome more runners,and let us run together !Below are the registration:

The social media has paused for some time already except Tiktok.Sorry we would not be able to reply you and communicate with you there at this moment.

     Guihua Zhu Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM) Yifan Zhu

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