Reschedule the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 and All the Main Work on Great Wall of China Marathon 2023!(November 14,2022)

The Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 took place already,and we are still making the efforts for the second time of the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022!

When Beijing reported the 38 confirmed cases of covid 19 on September 19,2022,we changed the Great Wall of China Marathon from October 30 to November 27,2022.Here is the news about it:

NOTICE:The Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn delayed to Sunday November 27,2022 (Oct. 22,2022)

Today November 14,2022,Beijing announced the 237 confirmed cases together with 170 asymptomatic cases yesterday.This is the highest number ever since 2020 in Beijing!

So for the second time of the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2022, we reschedule it on any of the three dates: Sunday December 18,Sunday December 25,Saturday December 31,2022! The exact date of the three dates would be finally decided according to the situation in Beijing.

Please consider any of the three dates,and if you would not be able to come in any of the three dates,we would automatically transfer your entry to the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023,it is just 168 days away.

We stop the refund work in 2022 to the promised runners and the new refund work would begin after May 8,2023! Please see the relevant news here:

The similarities and the differences of Beijing Marathon and the Great Wall of China Marathon and An Opening China! (October 30,2022) New!


November 11,2022 is a milestone day for China opening to the world,China made a big step again for overseas people/tourists to China.And the international flight tickets fare to China went down for about 18% again.Huge good news about this from Mainland China and from Hongkong would come to you again from the new year 2023!More people/tourists from overseas are coming to China obviously from November 2023.

China is becoming as similar as Japan and USA and most European countries from November 2022! Marathon races take place in China every weekend since November 2022!

It would be extremely exciting that we all from all over the world would finally meet face to face at the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2023 starting from May 2nd !

The social media has paused for some time already except Tiktok.Sorry we would not be able to reply you and communicate with you there,we are planning to update the official site frequently to keep update for every runners.

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