News about China,Hongkong,Beijing and Great Wall of China Marathon on October 19,2022 (October 19,2022)

October 19 is the most important day for Hongkong that the Chief Executive John Lee gave his first policy address.In the address,he blueprinted the most details goals for a better-off Hongkong in almost every aspects.

He did not mention the 500,000 free airline tickets,however,any influential people,planed 1000 people,can apply to visit Hongkong from now and introduce about Hongkong to the world,those people would be enjoying the free international air tickets,hotel,food in Hongkong.If you would like to join into the first nice tide,please let us know,we help you to keep in touch with Hongkong government.

And we make the strong commitment that we would continue to follow the latest and make the efforts for your free air tickets to Hongkong China,as we told some runners that it would start from 2023.

And the world talents are also welcome to work Hongkong by Hongkong Goverment,and the salary could be around 10 times higher than the ordinary Hongkong people,etc,etc.

And Mr.John Lee has the ambitious plan to get Hongkong much more open to the world at the proper time in the very near future.He has formed the special working teams to disscuss the details with the leaders from the sides of Mainland China on how to get the border open,which will benefit Hongkong and China much!

In our previous news,we mentioned that the first open city of Hongkong to the world has immediately beat down the rocket-high air tickets for the whole world people to enerting China.And we had suggested that any runners as far as from North American,South America and Europe can save over 1,000USD for your international air tiekets to China if you go through Hongkong for the Great Wall of China Marathon and the Roof of the World Marathon 2023.

It is on October 19,2022 that Mainland China announced to restore more than 40 new international air routes to the whole world by 6 big airlines in China from October 20,2022,just in this October!and we even surprised and found the cheapest one-way flight ticket to Southeast Asia as cheep as just around 1.2USD! and further more,from Hangzhou to Tokyo,just around 200USD,and from Shanghai to Bangkok,just around 70USD.In another world,more reasonal and normal international air tickets are coming into being between the world and China! This really really will continue to benefit more world runners to the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2023,because more flights are being added every months to and fro China not just by airlines in China but by international airlines!

For the covid 19 on October 19,2022 in Beijing,it is surprising that the reported native case reached 38! This is really a very small thing for almost 99% cities and countries in the world today,but this one-day number is more than one month total cases for Beijing in July 2022!

Then Beijing Aquarium immediately announced close from October 20,and one museum in Beijing also closed from October 19,and some buses transportation are stopped from October 20,and some parts of Highway in Beijing begin to close,and the first marathon in eastern China called Qiandaohu announced to cancel on October 19! And some runners begin to ask us to transfer their entries to the Great Wall of China Marathon in the Spring 2023.We are paying the highest attention to this 24 hours every day!

No matter how and what it would be in the coming days,and if we take the time length not in days but in a few months,you could very very obviously see that China is moving forward to open to the world wider and wider as each month passes by! And the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon 2023 is inevitably the biggest international marathon party in Mainland China since 2019!

We welcome you to register to run the Roof of the World Marathon 2023 or/and the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023!

You can use any of the following links for registering the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023 and/or the Roof of the World Marathon 2023 starting from May 2nd,2023!

And register now,you still would obtain the free entries and the free international air tickets!

Youtube New Video: Free Entries and Free International Flight Tickets to you for registering Great Wall of China Marathon 2022/2023 and the Roof of the World Marathon 2023-free flight ticket from NOW! (October 5,2022) New! 


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