Tiktok and Chinese Market of Great Wall of China Marathon (September 8,2022)

From August 14,2022 till September 7, instead of our work on the world social media,such as facebook,twitter,instagram,linkedin and Youtube,we paid 100% efforts on building up a platform for the Chinese runners.

That is we opened the accounts of Great Wall of China Marathon at Douyin,a Chinese version of Tiktok.We also opened up the official account of Great Wall of China Marathon at Tiktok.The previous one is in Chinese language.

We had the same short videos at Tiktok and Tiktok Douyin China,we could very obviously feel that we got more LIKE and and much more view and fans in the Chinese version.

This is actually the purpose why we open up Tiktok Douyin China.And we firmly believe that at the 22nd Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2023,you would see more Chinese in the race,and especially the Chinese elite marathon runners.

If you would like to see the Chinese version of Tiktok and learn in Chinese about the Great Wall of China Marathon,welcome you visit this,just scan the QR Code here or click the link below the picture:

If you would be interested in what the Chinese runners is watching about the Great Wall of China Marathon,please watch the English version here:

Tonight we for the first time,we accept the new runner at Wechat since July 2022,she is Miss. Elizabeth,she expects to run the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022-Autumn,the race date is Sunday October 30,2022,the race is also the second race date of  21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022.

Please visit the social media for more update info daily.

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