7 Reasons to Run the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon on August 7,2022(July 22,2022)

1.Start Time: 6AM
This is the first marathon in Mainland China ever that starts at 6AM.

2.Unique Morning Great Wall
There are only a few person in this world that have seen the very beautiful Great Wall before 6:30AM,

3.Overnight at the Start Line
In the past 21 years,there were no more than 50 runners who had ever stayed at the hostel by the side of start line,it is only 10 metres away.
We offer the free hostel for you on August 6,2022,the night before the race.

4.Experience the Beijing 2022 Express Train
Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in February 2022,after the race,we can send you from the Great Wall to the station if you need and you can arrive in Beijing very quickly. We have the free transportation for every runners between Great Wall and the official hotel in downtown Beijing.

5.Visit Universal Studios in Beijing
Before or after the Great Wall of China Marathon on August 7,go to visit the universal studio,possible together with your children who is at the Summer Holiday!And ven possibly run the 5K or 10K with your children on the wall!

6.Free and Very Easy PCR Test near the official hotel
There are 3 small houses for your PCR Test near the 4-star official hotel of the Great Wall of China Marathon,when you come for your race packets on August 6 at the hotel,you can get your test to be done within 5 minutes! If you would like to over night at this hotel,you would enjoy the hotel room free on August 6,2022!

7.Enjoy the China National Sports Day in Beijing
August 8 is the China National Sports Day,and after the race, go to visit the Olympic Park in Beijing,you can very easily visit the national stadium Bird Nest(鸟巢) and the nearly-built National Speed Sakting Oval(冰丝带) of Beijing 2022,and more sports activities would be held at Olympic Park!and you would cherish much the exciting moments of Beijing 2008 and Beijing 2022!

At the first race date of the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon on July 17,2022,the fastest runner from Germany finished the half marathon in 2 hour and 59 minutes!

At last,we might have the surprising gift to the runners on the race day !

For running the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 on the second race date Sunday August 7,2022,please use this online application:

Online Application of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022

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