Big National Holiday in China Soon Benefit the Great Wall of China Marathon Runners on May 1st,2021(March 20,2021)


Maybe everybody knows that on April 4,2021,it is the Easter Day,however, not everybody knows that in China, Chinese people would have the 3-day national holiday from April 3 to April 5,2021.

Chinese government encourages people to travel, so it is estimated that more than 100 million people would travel across China in the 3 days.

Afterwards, it would be the national holiday in China again from May 1st to May 5,2021,and it is estimated that more than 400 million people would travel in this 5-day holiday,and there would be at least 3.5 million tourists coming to Beijing city only.

Welcome you to take the hot holiday chance to run the 20th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2021 at the closed wall area only for runners.

The 20th Great Wall of China Marathon 2021
Race Date: May 1st,2021

The photo today are the runners of two families from the Embassy of the Netherlands in Beijing at the 15th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st 2016.They are at the last 200 meters before the Finish Line.

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