Up to 60% OFF: Christmas SALE for Great Wall of China Marathon 2021/2022(December 12,2020)


Every year in December,we have the Christmas sale,and the Christmas Sale 2020 starts from yesterday!

Unlike any year before,we have the 11 service covering the Great Wall of China Marathon in 2021 and in 2022.And the service will well satisfy the runners across the world. Therefore,study carefully and choose one that best fits for you!

Code 11:

If you are working in China,you do not have to register the Code 11,and if you do not live in China,please choose Code 11,it is the Option 3,which includes the 3-night hotel in Beijing,the airport pick-up and seeing-off,and the marathon race.These satisfy your basic need to for the race in China.

Because when you begin to apply the visa to China,the document that the hotel you have booked is required.The official hotel Mercure Hotel Beijing Zhongguancun(former name-Shenzhou Beijing International Hotel) has been giving all the runners much help in the past 10 years.

Code 1,Code 2,Code 3,Code 4:

For the Code 1 to Code 4,you just pay USD$4.5 and you can enjoy the 4-star official hotel room that have the same quality as the hotel in Paris,New York,Tokyo or Hongkong,with the price of over US$200.00.

Code 5:

The Code 5 is mainly for the runner who would come to the race by only yourself,and if you would like to have the 4-star official hotel room,we can help you to pair another single runner,so the room fee is just US$ 9.00.

Below in the picture you would see the word Spectator,it refers to the family members or the best friends of the runers who would come together with you and cheer for you during your running,they will not run.They enjoy everything the same as runners except running.

Code 6:

For the Great Wall Pageant Contest(GWPC),it was held at the 5-star Beijing Friendship Hotel last year,and next year,it would be held at a much nicer place near the Mercure Hotel Beijing Zhongguancun.GWPC would be another exciting event for all the runners!It will start at 7:00PM on April 30,2021.

Code 7:

Code 007 is a service that all the people can enjoy the race,expecially the marathon maniac,of course,it is especially good for all the runners who want to run the Great Wall of China Marathon but cannot come to run or who are not able to come as a spectator to cheer for your family members or your best friends running on May 1st,2021. It is now the 50% OFF,just US$4.9 during the Chrismas SALE.

Code 8:

Code 008 is the Great Wall of China Marathon 2021 in Autumn Beijing.Register Now,it is 52USD OFF!

When you come to Beijing for GWCM2021-Autumn,you would see the very strong happy atmosphere that Beijing and the whole China are ready for the Beijing Winter Olympic Game 2022.

Code 9:

Code 009 is the 21st Great Wall of China Marathon 2022.Register now,it is 50% OFF!

Code 10:

Code 010 is the Great Wall of China Marathon 2022 in Autumn Beijing.Register now,it is almost 60% OFF!

For the registration,please use the link below each picture and fill in them,and we would reply you immediately! We work 7 X 24!


Thank you very much again,all the world runners,and all the companies and all the teams and all the people/friends who support the Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM)!

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