The China's Relaxed Regulation will increase the boom of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020(June 6,2020)

On May 25,Lufthansa Airlines begins to carry its over 3000 German citizen back to work in China.So German is now becoming the first European country with most of its people to China.And we know that in Asia, countries such as Singapore and South Korea are doing the same.This is called the Fast Track, mainly serving the company people back to China.And Japan is on the way soon.

On June 1,Hong Kong has lifted airport bans on transit passengers. This is another nice opportunity that you can fly to China more economically and conveniently.

On June 4,the Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) made the new regulation,that more international airlines would be allowed to have more flights to China,they are able to land the 37 Chinese cities.

On June 6,2020,today,every Chinese people in China are able to travel to any places in China freely,including China's last and vital stronghold Beijing.This means that we would be able to work for all our world runners with 100% of our efforts every day!

From May 27,2020,we were so sad to see the happenings in USA,it is heartbroken for us,because we also have most runners from USA.On June 7,2020,we would first upload a video of one of our runners from Minneapolis Mennesota at our official Youtube Channel.He is the half marathon male champion at the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019.We wish the USA comes back to normal and even gets back from the recovery soon.

Thank you all very much,all the world runners.Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.We will get back to you all shortly!Have a very nice weekend!!
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