Useful Information for the Runners to the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn(September 6,2019)

How are you,everyone,how is your training up till now?
This is the first notice that we publish today for all the runners who have registered and who will register the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn.

No matter this is your first time to Beijing or you often come to Beijing,you would meet something new for participation the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn.

When overseas visitors come to Beijing,they would be almost landing at Beijing Capital International Airport (Airport code:PEK).And from the end of September this month,your flights to Beijing might land at Beijing Daxing International Airport(The airport code: PKX).This is a newly built airport for accepting 130 million people every year.We still do not know the public transportation to the downtown Beijing and to the hotel.We would update the airport information to all our runners also in early October.

We have been using Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel for accepting all our world runners.And it is the same also for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn.After almost one-year renovation,the hotel would be open again at the end of Spetember 2019.

All the runners who have registered the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn would come to get your bib numbers.etc.on October 26,2019 at the Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.The hotel is right in the northside of China National Libary!

The 4-star hotel address: No.31.Zhongguancun Nadajie,Haidian District,Beijing,100081,China Tel:+86-10-68118888

In the past three years,we had the Great Wall of China Marathon-Autumn on the third Sunday,and this year,it is the forth Sunday October 27,and the highest temperature is about 16 degrees centigrade(60.8F) and the lowest is 5 degrees centigrade(41F) on the race day.But the Autumn color on the Great Wall and in Beijing is extremely charming!

Here below is average time results of our worldwide runners in the previous Great Wall of China Marathon(GWCM):
Marathon Male:7:27:47
Marathon Female:7:50:15
Half Marathon Male:3:30:15
Half Marathon Female:4:17:48
10K Male:2:26:50
10K Female:2:42:27
5K Male:1:22:54
5K Female:1:13:06
The time limit for the marathon runners is 10 hours and there is no time limit for the half,10K and 5K runners,but all the runners should finish the race within 10 hours.

4.Some big events in Beijing in October 2019:

October 1st is China 70th National Day,and the big parade would be held in Tiananmen Square.And one week later,one of the most important conferences would be held in Beijing,the developement of China`s economy in the coming years would be discussed.So when you arrive in Beijing for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn,you would see the very happy festival atmosphere every where in Beijing besides the Autumn color.

And the promotion video of the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020 and the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020-Autumn would be also flmed on the race day October 27,2019.

6.The first time runner to Beijing:

If you would like to register the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn,and if you even prefer that your hotel room and transportation between the airport and the hotel to be arranged,please choose Option 3 at the additional purchases besides the race registration.And here is the registration link:

If you prefer us to book the 4-star official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel for you,or any other special requirements,please write to us,it is 106USD for a standard room or a single room for the hotel.And you would not only get your race bibs at this hotel,and at 5:30AM on October 27,the buses for all our runners would also depart from this hotel.

Here is our contacts:

Wechat ID: greatwallmarathon

Beijing Hotline:+86-15101680346

Official Website

We would send this link to all our registered participants within 24 hours.Thank you very much and May you all have a very happy weekend,and we also work on Saturday and Sunday for you.

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