Good News: The New  5 or 4 Star Hotel for the World Runners to the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019(December 8, 2018)

Yesterday afternoon,we received the phone call from the manager at the 4-star official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel that the hotel we have been using for the Great Wall of China marathon(GWCM) in the past years would be renovated and would not be open for any clients until when it is open in June 2019 again.

This means that we would not use the hotel for the accepting of the runners for the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019,and the manager has suggested us some hotels around the Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.We are considering to finally choose one either 4 or 5 star hotel to take the place.

We have the basic consideration as below for the choice of the hotel:

1.The hotel should be at the very convenient location for all the world runners to reach,because all the runners would come to get the race packets on April 30,2019.

2.This hotel should be at least the 4-star,and we are much more considering to choose a 5-star hotel instead.if we choose the 4-star hotel,everything would be the same as we accept all the runners who use the Option 3,the most popular options among the world runners in the past years.If we choose the 5-star hotel,then the breakfast would not be included for the runners who have chosen the Option 3 already.

3.The hotel should be less than 2.5KM away from the Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel.

We would annonce the hotel that we would finally chosen before the end of December.

This would not affect the runners and the runners who aslo have registered and have chosen the Option 3 for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2019-Autumn and the Great Wall of China Marathon 2020.We would still use the Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel then.

For the runners who have also registered the Roof of the World Marathon 2019,we would also tell the runners the new hotel that we would choose for the GWCM2019,because we would depart the hotel together and fly together from Beijing to Lhasa Tibet on May 2,2019.

If you have anything unclear during your registration,please feel free to write to us,or reach us by our Beijing Hotline: 15101680346.

Thank you all very much and we would reply the emails of all the runners on Sunday December 9 and Monday December 10,2019.

By the way,we would have the extremely new and extremely exciting program for all the world runners,the program would greatly enrich and enlighten the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019 and would greatly benefit all the runners who run the 18th Great wall of China Marathon 2019!Have a very nice weekend to you all!


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Thank you very much,all the world runners!

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