The Key-Point Report about the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018(May 21,2018)

Dear all world runners,

Thank you very much from all corners of the world to Beijing for the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon on May 1st,2018.

We would forever remember all your power and sweat along the course.

One-to-One Transportation:

The transportation fee between the official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel and the Great Wall is included in the 250USD registration fee.

From this year,we paid the high attention to the one-to-one service in the way of transportation.That is we picked up our runners between the Beijing Capital International Airports and the official hotel.We have very successfully accepted 98% runners.

For the runners who reserved the taxi from the Finish line on the race day to the airport directly,this work has been 100% perfectly completed.

At the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn and the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019,our aim is to 100%perfectly realize this one-to-one transportation service.

The Course Usage:

This year,we also for the first time successfully added the 7KM Great Wall Valley,this was almost impossible mission because of we would pass a key checkpoint between Beijing and Hebei Province and a forest protection zone,etc.This has never never been an easy thing that you can see from just a few sentences here.In the future,we might make a three-hour audio program introducing the story behind about the hardship that we worked and overcame for all our world runners.

The Heavy Security Check:

The Great Wall we used on May 1st,2018 is in sports venue of the Beijing Winter Olympic 2022.Unlike any years before,we faced the extremely and unexpected heavy security check and some traffic jam,so,for example,our volunteers could not timely reached their service points,so that over 20 fastest world runners ran more kilometres,and so for the first time in the 17 years,our results appeared 5K+,10K+,Half Marathon+,and only one full marathon runner ran more than 200 metres more.

We finally had not accepted the distance change requirement by our runners.If a full marathoner decided to change his full into 10K,this would greatly affect the results of the other runners,so we keep the PLUS +.Please understand this.

Our Sweet Great Wall Home for You:

For the over 20 runners who ran the 5K+,10K+,Half Marathon+,including this full marathoner(name unidentified at this moment),you all won one-night camping on the Great Wall free of charge,we provide the tent(s) and our guide(s) for you freely,also two meals,you can choose breakfast,lunch or dinner at our sweet and warm home at the foot of the Great Wall.

This service is valid every day for you for a whole year,and this service is open for you from July 28,2018 till July 28,2019.

You can inform us your arrival even 24 hours before you come,so that we make the arrangement for you.

Also thank all the world runners for your greatest support and understanding, and thank you so much that some runners gave us some very good suggestion,we highestly appreciate all of these from all our hearts.

No Tour Packages

We also still uphold the principle that we would not bind tour packages to runners,unless you expect to choose our options.Registration fee 250USD only for the race,you still get the discount by registering now for the Great Wall of China Marathon 2018-Autumn and the 18th Great Wall of China Marathon 2019.See the banners above and below.We would also release the news and registration next week about the Roof of the World Marathon 2019.

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Thank you all very much again from all our hearts for your true-heart support every day!

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