The Beijing Weather from April 27 to May 21,2018(April 6,2018)

On the east side of the official Shenzhou(Beijing)International Hotel is the China Meteorological Administration.

Our first group of runners of the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018 would come to Beijing from April 27,the last group of runners of the Roof of the World Marathon 2018 would return from Lhasa Tibet to Beijing on May 16. 

Today we show the forcast of the weather in Beijing from April 27 to May 21 by China Meteorological Administration.

The chart is in Chinese,and the temperature is marked in degree centigrade.The red is the highest,and the green is the lowest. The banner behind each day is cloudy,sunny or rainy.

So you would see on May 1st,the race day of the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon 2018,it is cloudy,the higest is 20 C ( 68 F) and the lowest is 8 C (46.4 F ). West wind,light breeze,the windspeed is 9km/h.And the sun would rise at 5:14AM and set down at 7:08PM.

This is really so pleasant temperature to run on the Great Wall in northwest Beijing,one of the venues of Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022.

The temperature difference is really big, 11 degrees different.Yes,when you run,you can wear the shorts,but after the race in the evening if you are still in shorts,you would feel extremely cold.So prepare the clothes in your bag to avoid the coldness in the early morning and in the evening.

Yes,if you have anything unclear,or you have the exact need,please write to us,we are doing our best every day to satisfy all the world runners to the 17th Great Wall of China Marathon to be held on May 1st,2018 in northwest Beijing.


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